Long Covid Awareness Day – Preparation


Long Covid continues to affect a growing number of people worldwide, who still suffer from the effects of Covid-19 years after their recovery. To raise awareness for this often underestimated condition and to show solidarity with those affected, the Long Covid Awareness Day will take place on March 15th.

As members of democratic societies, we have the opportunity to urge our political representatives to advocate for issues that are important to us. Therefore, we encourage you to use your voice and urge your elected representatives to contribute to raising awareness about Long Covid on the Long Covid Awareness Day.

You can easily contact your political representatives, whether through a letter, an email, or via a phone call. Let them know why the topic of Long Covid matters to you and politely ask them to raise awareness about the Long Covid Awareness Day on March 15th through their platforms.

By raising our voices and advocating for important issues, we can make a positive contribution to improving our society. So join us and urge your political representatives to participate in the Long Covid Awareness Day and help us raise awareness for this important issue together.

Below you will find an English and a German version of a sample e-mail that you are welcome to use.

List containing e-mail addresses, names, salutations and telephone numbers of all Members of the European Parliament.