Your Voice Matters


In a world where political decisions impact the lives of millions, it’s crucial that we raise our voices and advocate for those who may not receive adequate attention. Two health issues deserving of immediate attention are Long Covid and ME/CFS. The good news is that you can take active steps to make a difference by regularly sending emails to politicians to draw attention to these issues. In this blog post, I’ll explain why this is important and how you can send personalized mass emails effectively to spread your message.

Why It’s Important to Write Emails to Politicians

Politicians are the decision-makers who pass laws and allocate resources that affect our lives. If they’re not informed about pressing issues, they cannot take action to address them. Long Covid and ME/CFS are two health problems often overlooked, but they affect millions of people worldwide. Those suffering from these conditions need support, research, and resources to improve their quality of life.

How to Write Emails to Politicians

1. Research: Find out who the political decision-makers are in your region dealing with health issues. These may be local, regional, or national politicians. Most politicians have websites listing their contact information.

2. Craft a Clear Message: Write an email explaining the significance of Long Covid and ME/CFS. Use clear, factual information and share personal stories if possible. Highlight why it’s necessary to redirect more attention and resources toward these issues.

3. Personalize Your Message: Ensure that each email is tailored to the specific politician. Mention their name and why you believe they play a crucial role in addressing this issue.


Tip:  Use Thunderbird for Mass Emails

Thunderbird is a free email program that allows you to send personalized mass emails. You can create a message and send it to a list of politicians without having to email each recipient individually. This saves time and enables you to reach a broader audience. Details


While writing emails to politicians may require some effort, the impact can be substantial. When politicians hear from their constituents and recognize support for issues like Long Covid and ME/CFS, they are more inclined to advocate for them. You can make a difference by raising your voice and drawing attention to these critical health issues.

So, what are you waiting for? Compose your emails, and send them to politicians to raise awareness about Long Covid and ME/CFS. Your efforts can help raise awareness, promote research, and improve the lives of millions of people. Your voice matters!