Citizens of the EU – Raise Your Vocie

European Flag

The European Union has not yet made any funds available for research into Long COvid. This must change!

As citizens of the European Union, you have a voice and you can use it to urge our representatives in the European Parliament to support the massive expansion of biomedical Long Covid research. By raising your voice and highlighting the urgency of this research to our elected representatives, you can help ensure that the resources needed to research Long Covid are provided.

Further discussions on Long Covid in the EU Parliament are scheduled in the coming weeks and months. This is an important opportunity for us to express our concerns and to emphasize the urgent need to step up Long Covid research. Write to your representatives to urge them to push for more resources to be allocated to Long Covid research and to ensure that these resources are actually provided.

Take the opportunity to write to the members of the COVI Committee and draw attention to the situation of those affected. Below you will find a list of all members of the committee sorted by country, which you can download by cklicking on the button below.

So, write to your representatives now and let your voice be heard.