We are not Recovered

An international, non-partisan group of people united in their anger and commited to end the suffering of millions of people affected by Long COVID and associated diseases such as ME/CFS, SFN, POTS and Post Vac.

We are in the middle of the greatest mass-disabling event in human history!​

It has been known for decades that viral infections can cause a number of serious diseases. 

More than 17 million people already suffered from ME/CFS, a severe neuroimmunological disease before the pandemic started. In the course of the Corona pandemic, more than 100 million people developed a Post-Covid syndrome, which like the Post-Vac syndrome shares very strong similarities with ME/CFS. 

The millions of people affected have in common that they are left without therapy, with little research, inadequate care and no recognition.

That has to change now.

Let's take action!​

Where we fight for


A global investment in biomedical research to improve the treatment, diagnostic and understanding of post-viral diseases in a timely manner.


The establishment of medical care structures to improve the care and support for people suffering.


The recognition as a serious condition and disability by society, government and institutions.

What we do

On the web

Through various actions, we are campaigning online for more visibility and research for Long Covid and associated diseases.

On the Street

We organise creative protests on the streets to draw attention to the desperate situation of millions of sufferers and to demand more research, care and recognition. 


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